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A collection of historical photographs of Toledo
and Northwest Ohio

About the photograph collection

Most of the photographs in the Local History Photograph Collection depict scenes in the city of Toledo, although there are also photographs of much of Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Many of the Toledo photographs depict the downtown area, although a large number of Toledo area industries (Jeep, Toledo Scale, Libbey Glass, Owens-Illinois, LOF, etc.), schools, hospitals, and parks are represented as well.

Search Tips

Search by phrase: Enter a phrase such as old west end. Only records with the words old west end together, in that order will be displayed. A phrase search for old west end returns 3,795 hits.

Search all of the words: Enter a word or words such as old west end. In this case, any records containing the words old west end, together or separately, in any order will be displayed. Do not use the word and between each word. An all of the words search for old west end returns 3,804 hits.

Refine Search: When you enter a word or phrase the system searches for that string of characters anywhere in the records. For instance, if you search for boat, you will get 839 hits. These hits include any records with the string boat anywhere in the record. Records containing the word boats, boathouses, tugboat, etc. will be part of the hit list. A search for boat returns 839 records.

Near the top of the screen is a dropdown box labeled Terms associated with your search. This dropdown menu contains the exact terms used in the database records. If you choose the word boat from the dropdown and click on the Refine Search button, you will then be searching specifically for the word boat only. This would result in 24 hits.

Hyperlinks: To the left of each picture are the exact terms used to index that picture. These are hyperlinks. For instance, the first picture on the hitlist for boat also contains the term fishing. If you click on the hyperlink for fishing, it is the same as if you would have entered fishing as your search term.